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Au revoir, Australia! 21.10.2009
We are absolutely, positively, 100% in Australia! 20.10.2009
We’re In The Home Stretch Now! 19.10.2009
I Found Nemo! 18.10.2009
I have found Paradise! 16.10.2009
Up, Up, and Away in My Beautiful Balloon! 16.10.2009
G’day from The Alice 16.10.2009
You can put a price on love, it turns out! 12.10.2009
Another day of walkout in "Melbun" 11.10.2009
Melbourne, 10 October 2009 10.10.2009
Still in this &%&^% airplane! 10.10.2009
En route to Australia! 10.10.2009
A communist plot is afoot in Texas! 09.10.2009
T-44 hours and counting! 06.10.2009
Our Father, who art in Heaven, please don't let me puke... 23.08.2009
Seven weeks and counting! 19.08.2009
Let's give this a try! 17.06.2009